Lanes at the Lighthouse

Lane’s Privateer Inn and the Fort Point Lighthouse

Lane’s Privateer Inn is thrilled to be in partnership with the Region of Queens Municipality to keep the Fort Point Lighthouse open to visitors and Liverpudlians alike!

Lighthouse open from June 1, 2019

Don’t miss out on the Haunted Lighthouse on October 31!

Climb to the top and toot the foghorn!  Built in 1855, the lighthouse is steeped in history and the last lighthouse keepers son, Bert McLeod narrates a wonderful short film about living in the lighthouse as a child.

The lighthouse offers a small cafe with outdoor seating and take out.  Coffee, Espresso, Blueberry Lemonade with Pastries and Sweets.  The shop features Nova Scotia Artists, Artisans, Books and Gourmet Gifts.

Fort Point Lighthouse

Enjoy a coffee while out walking the dog or seeing the sights in Liverpool.

We offer Lighthouse Picnic Lunches every day  11 am – 5 pm.  Order your lunch either from the lighthouse or by calling Lane’s Privateer Inn at 902 354 3456.  The lighthouse lunch comes packed in a wooden crate with cloth napkins,  porcelain dishes and stainless cutlery.  Choose from  healthy and delicious selections that includes lobster rolls, sandwiches on house made breads, market salads, Blueberry Lemonade and house made desserts.  We offer kids lunches too!

You can also book a tour with Liverpool Adventure Outfitters and kayak to the lighthouse for a picnic lunch.

Lighthouse Wedding

The lighthouse is the ultimate romantic location for weddings.  Contact to inquire about a lighthouse wedding ceremony.

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