Spanish Wine & Tapas Tasting

Spanish Wine & Tapas Tasting
Saturday, April 8 @ 7:00 pm • $45* per person

Tapas ~ In Spanish means “on top”. Originally a thin slice of bread or meat would be placed on top of your glass in order to keep flies or road dust from entering your wine. Clever restaurateurs got creative and would experiment with a variety of appetizers designed to sit on top of the wine glass. Today “Tapas” are synonymous with creative appetizers. Spain creates some of the most delicious appetizers imaginable.

Sommelier Susan Lane will pair a tempting assortment of Spanish Tapas with Spain’s most delectable wines. Sparkling Cava, boldly refreshing Albarino, rustic Tempranillo and nutty, silky Amontillado to name a few.

We will start the evening with aroma exercises to get that olfactory system primed for wine. We will taste, discuss and compare. Susan always has a fun quiz (with prizes!) to end a delicious, fun and informative evening of Spanish food & wine.

To Reserve

Reservations required. Please call 902 354 3456 or email to reserve your seats!

* Price does not include tax or gratuity.