Our Story


~From 1962 to 2019, Lane’s is more than Privateering History

Lane’s Privateer Inn celebrated 57 years of operation in 2019  and has been a family operation for much longer than that. Helen & Edgar Lane opened a furniture store, beauty salon and jewelry store in 1947.   Pictured in 2012 are  Susan Lane, Ron Lane,  Terry Lane and Linda Lane.

In 1947 Edgar and Helen Lane purchased 27 Bristol Avenue, a rather neglected rooming house with an 8 hole outhouse in the backyard. Ed and Helen opened the largest furniture store on the south shore. Folks would block Bristol Avenue to catch a glimpse of I Love Lucy or Ed Sullivan on the snowy television set in the front windows while Ed and his son, Ron, wrestled with the giant antenna on the roof.


This was our postcard from the early 60’s. Note that those giant poplar trees next to the inn have not been planted at the time of this photo.

Lane’s went through many changes. Furniture, a beauty salon, a jewerly store and even rented apartments upstairs.

In 1962 Ed and Helen decided to make a major shift in business. They expanded the existing structure and added hotel guest rooms. They also included a restaurant, banquet room and coffee shop. Their son Ron, and his growing family moved from Whitehorse to help with the ever-increasing family business.

Ron Lane pictured with the staff of Lanes in the 1960s in celebration of Liverpool’s “Pioneer Days.” Those massive containers across the street are no longer there :)

For many years, Ron ran the family business all the while raising nine children with his beloved wife Carol, plus involving himself with local politics. Ron Lane was mayor of The Town of Liverpool from 1985-1996.

Ron’s children Susan and  Terry now work together to manage Lane’s. In 1994 Susan opened Snug Harbour Books and Cafe.

Lanes as it appeared through the 1980s.

Lane’s Privateer Inn has been through many changes over the years but one common thread makes Lane’s Privateer Inn what it is today ~ family means everything and every guest is treated like family. Welcome to Lane’s Privateer Inn, established in 1962.